Monday, July 31, 2006

We are here!

I have been trying to upload pictures on the blog for the past 10 minutes and can not do so. The computer here is very, very slow.

We made it safely to Guatemala and have been having a wonderful experience. God is good. He has provided for us. He has protected us. He has blessed us. We love working with the people here. They are so loving and grateful.

I will post pictures when we return to the States and give daily updates. Sorry for the disappointment if you had been waiting for pictures. If you asked for your name to be on our email list you received some photos today. (We could send them via email). If you would like pictures, please email me at

Thanks for praying.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

God's perfect timing and provision

Tonight I was at an LWC Ministry Leader's meeting when I received a phone call from one of our team members. He and his father had been talking about whether we could use a certain amount of cash for a specific need to help in Guatemala. I told him when I got home from the meeting I would email Pastor Luis' assistant, Sarah, to see if there was something the money could be used for.

I got home and started to email Sarah when I noticed I had an email from her requesting a change in our plans. Our team and the team from Michigan were scheduled to build 4 houses next week. She said Pastor Luis had been asked by the pastor at Santa Maria and a medical team working at S.M. church this week if there was anyway a block wall could be built around the church since there have been break-ins and items stolen. A team we worked with last November had been a part of the building of the church and participated in the dedication. The amount needed to build the wall is close to the amount the "father" had been thinking of giving.

Isn't God good? Isn't His timing perfect? Isn't it exciting when His people listen to His voice and obey?

Trunks and Treats

The team sorted and packed 12 trunks and bags on Thursday. The trunks and bags are filled to the brim with shoes, sandals, wet wipes, 70 fleece blankets from the VBS kids, fabric to make hair tie scrunchies, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, crayons, markers, crafts, finger puppets, stuffed animals, small toys and lots of other miscellaneous items. Katie is bringing a 13th bag filled with hand towels, paints and stencils for our women's crafts plus lots of other surprises. Thanks to everyone who gave to help make this trip possible. Every gift, small or large, is definitely appreciated and will go to the wonderful people of the Lake Atitlan region!

On Sunday, Pastor Tyler had the team members present stand by the trunks and bags and then had the congregation gather around us to pray for us and the items we will be distributing in Guatemala. We are grateful for our praying church family.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Team Pictures

Thanks to Youth Pastor Aaron for
taking our team photo tonight.

left to right (back row)
Dan, Scott, Alex
(middle row)
Phil, Cathy, Jennifer, Chris
(front row)
Kathy, Carol, Christy, Katie

Although they were not at tonight's meeting,
we had a picture of Ryan (left) &
Brandon (right) from another meeting.

First time mission team member, wife, mother, grandmother, care giver for children

First time mission team member, married one month prior to trip, elementary teacher

First time mission team member, wife, mother, grandmother, musician, health care service

3rd trip to Guatemala, IWU graduate, worship team, teacher (ESL) and private tutor

1st trip to Guatemala but has visited other countries, retreat speaker, musician from Wisconsin

Veteran mission "tripper", Taylor grad & TU basketball team, musician, band-Rudisill

1st mission trip, Carroll HS grad, photography, musician, University of St. Francis

3rd trip to Guatemala, East Noble HS grad, Purdue BCM major

Multiple mission trips, IWU grad, artist, musician, band-Rudisill

Multiple mission trips, East Noble HS grad, IWU pre-med student, football

Multiple mission trips, Indy resident, IWU grad, artist, musician, world explorer

Multiple mission trips, husband, father, grandfather, architect

Russia, Africa, Guatemala mission trips, wife, mother, grandmother, team leader

Friday, July 07, 2006

With praise and gratitude to God...

We are so grateful that the Lord has provided the funds we need for our trip! A special "thank you" to the generous donor this past week who helped us to reach our goal!

Whether you gave a little or a lot, may God bless what you have given. May each giver and each recipient praise Him for His goodness and provision. He is truly Jehovah-Jireh for our team and for the people of Guatemala.

Any funds given from this point for Guatemala will go toward the November trip. Phil & I will be leading another team, God willing, from Nov. 4-18. Nov. 4-11 will be Vacation Bible School in Guatemala City at Adonai Wesleyan Church. Nov. 11-18 will be VBS's in the villages around Lake Atitlan. We would love to have you join us for one or both weeks. If you can only go for one week, we would suggest Nov. 11-18 to get more of the "typical flavor" of the Mayan culture.

Please pray for us as we make final preparations for this trip. Again, may God bless you for giving, caring, praying and encouraging each of our team!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Garage sale

Please check out this blog for information on Team Guatemala's garage sale.

A special "thank you" goes to Kim Folds for all of her hard work!